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31st NipMuck Trail Marathon
Sunday, October 5th, 2014, 8am

SPONSOR: The Shenipsit Striders, a member club of the Road Runner's Club of America.

LOCATION: Nipmuck Trail, Perry Hill Road, Ashford, CT

WHAT IT IS: The Nipmuck Trail Marathon is a classic old-school trail race now in its 31st year. It is held in the quiet countryside of eastern CT and is run as a double out & back along the blue-blazed Nipmuck Trail. The race course follows a 13 mile segment in the middle starting on Perry Hill Road in Ashford. The marathon runs south for 6.2 miles down to Rt 44, then back to the start, then north for 7 miles to Boston Hollow Road, then turns around and back to the finish at Perry Hill Road.

WHAT IT'S NOT: These days you have an overwhelming array of choices for outdoor adventures. This race seeks to preserve many of the qualities from the early days of the New England trail racing scene. You won't find:

  • Festival: We aren't striving to create a massive festival atmosphere with a half-dozen different race formats, post-race massage tents, live bands or free beer. In fact, the race 'venue' will materialize out of nowhere at 6am on Sunday morning on a quiet backroad in eastern CT.
  • Gimmicks: You want climbing walls, flaming hay bales, electro-shock treatments? Ok, go run Tough Mudder or a Warrior Dash. All of our obstacles were created by Mother Nature - rocks, roots, mud - and are what they are...
  • Crowds: Don't get lost in the masses, come meet friends at Nipmuck! Due to the limitations of parking & trail capacity this race is limited to a field of 150 runners.
  • Technology: No chip timing, no large screen video, no live results feed, no PA systems, no inflatable finish line arches. Timing the old fashioned way - with a stopwatch and clipboard, results posted 'live' on the side of a tree every 10 runners or so. Results will be posted online sometime after we clean up the race venue and have some dinner.
    Our one concession to technology is online registration - you must pre-register for this race at There is no race day registration.
  • Excessive Trail Markings: The course will not be streamered from start to finish. This course follows the Nipmuck Trail, which is very well marked with blue blazes but it is still quite possible to go off course if you're not paying attention. We'll put out a few signs at major trail turns - but basically the onus is on you to watch for the blue blazes and stay on course. TIP: Don't trust that the guy/gal in front of you is paying attention - many have been led astray before you.
  • Pre Qualifications: In the past you may have needed prior trail running credentials to get into this race. No more. This is not an easy trail race and we caution newbies not to underestimate the Nipmuck, particularly if you've only recently come over to trails from road running. If you want to make sure you've got what it takes, we'll be organizing training runs on the course in July & August - come get a preview.
  • For Profit: We are a non-profit trail running club. All proceeds after expenses are donated to local trail stewardship organizations. Sure, we 'could' make the entry fee cheaper and still cover our costs - but we want to make sure these trails are maintained and preserved for generations to come so pony up and support the cause.

WHEN: This years race will be Sunday, October 5th, 2014 at 8am. Fall is an awesome time to run on the Nipmuck and we hope to see you there!!

CUTOFFS: 60% of your time will be spent in the second half of the race due to hills and a bit more distance. We'll have people out there if you choose to do a marathon in up to 8 hours, the time limit for this race. We will be enforcing a 3:15 cutoff at the mid-point. Please respect our volunteers who are putting in a long day in the woods on your behalf and do not continue if you don't make the 12 mile cutoff.

WARNING: The course includes a number of steep, rocky, slippery or otherwise treacherous areas. Though injuries have been few and minor during the races history, a serious injury is possible. Because parts of the course are relatively inaccessible, it is possible that an injured runner might have to wait an hour or more for emergency medical care.

Please don't enter if you are not prepared to accept responsibility for yourself and these risks.

SERVICES: A total of 9 aid stations are conveniently located along the course. Some will be fully stocked stations, a few are waterdrops only for refilling your bottles. As the course passes back through the start area at mile 12, you can also leave your own supplies ready to pick up for the 2nd half. Longest stretch between aid stations is 4.1 miles to the first one at Marsh Rd and from Marsh Rd back to the start of the 2nd half. While it is possible to run this course without carrying water/food, we do recommend a single hand-held as a minimum.

ENTRY FEES (non-refundable):
**Half price entry if you're a Race Director of a recognized New England Trail Race - contact Clint for discount code before registering

Proceeds will support the Joshua's Trust and the
Connecticut Forest & Parks Association.
Joshua's Tract Conservation and Historic 
Joshua's Tract Conservation and Historic Trust


Registration will open June 1st, 2014
Click on the logo to Register

MEN: Sam Jurek 3:26:43
WOMEN: Kehr Davis 3:52:43

To be determined. Stay tuned....


Dave Merkt

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