Northern Nipmuck Trail Race

The return of the classic Northern Nipmuck trail race



Bigelow Hollow State Park
Bigelow Hollow State Park, Union, CT


“The Northern Nipmuck Trail Race was my first trail race in 2010, and I was immediately hooked by the low key vibe, friendly people, and the rough and tumble nature of the course and runners. The race was last held in 2012, but we are hoping to revive this event while hanging on to the old school vibe that has been a mainstay in the Grand Tree Series. I hope you will come out to experience the Nipmuck Trail with us this year to see if we can breathe some life back into this race.”

- Tony Bonanno, Race Director


Parking is available in Bigelow Hollow State Park.


The course starts just across the road from Bigelow Hollow and heads south on the Nipmuck Trail through the Yale-Myers Forest. at approximately 4 miles, the trail crosses Barlow Mill Rd (Two Pipes), and continues another 4 miles to the turn around at Boston Hollow. (This is Alpacaville, a.k.a the northern end of the Nipmuck Marathon) From Boston Hollow, turn around and return to the finish following the same route.

We will provide minimal aid at Two Pipes and Boston Hollow (miles 4, 8, 12). The course is blazed blue for the entire route, and we will add some flagging at a few tricky spots. It is the runner’s responsibility to navigate the course, but there will be no charge for any extra miles.


Proceeds from the event are donated to local organizations that support our trails.


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