Soapstone Mountain Trail Races

Two classic events taking place in Shenipsit State Forest - the Soapstone Mountain 24k and the 6k Jerry Stage Sampler

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Soapstone Mountain 24k
Jerry Stage 6k


Reddington Rock Riding Club
93 Handel Rd, Stafford, CT


The Soapstone Mountain Trail Races are popular, long-standing races in North Central Connecticut. There are two races on event day: a 24k (approx. 14.5 miles) and the Jerry Stage 6k “Sampler”. This is in honor of the many years of love, sweat and tears that Jerry Stage put into these races. Both races run through the extremely beautiful and scenic area around Soapstone Mountain, Shenipsit Forest State Park. Race course GPX and AllTrails maps will be posted in February, we highly recommend you get familiar with the course, particular if you are running it virtually!

Participants in the 24k race climb to the peak of Soapstone Mountain. Walkers are welcome in the Sampler.

24k Course

The first 2.5 miles of the 24k and the 6k are the same. The course travels along a slightly downhill dirt road before veering right onto an ATV trail. Passing a pond onto a single track trail, turns left onto a dirt road and right back into single track. Soon coming out onto dirt road where you take a right to cross the paved road (Gulf Rd). After traversing the parking lot, the trail makes another sharp right where participants are challenged with the first difficult climb - a very steep 1/2 mile trail named “Killer Hill”. Once at the top of the hill, runners travel by the Soapstone Mountain observation tower and then run down a steep descent. Following the downhill, the trail becomes a series of switchbacks and rollers through the woods - though it’s challenging, the rollers aren’t steep enough to dramatically alter one’s overall pace. There are brook crossings and a muddy stream descent. There are lots of rocks and roots to twist ankles on. Watch your footing! There are also many crisscrossing trails, so keep your eyes on the white dots and flagging. Towards the latter half of the race, the course has one more significant climb up a single track, followed by a steep descent on a dirt trail continuing on dirt road and finishing on single track to end the race in a grassy field surrounded by family and friends. In areas where the trail overlaps, splits or is tricky there will be additional flagging.

Jerry Stage 6k “SAMPLER” Course

This race starts on the same dirt road as the 24k, turns right onto single track within a 1/2 mile and then meanders through thick forest before turning left on the same dirt road at the 24K and right back onto single track trail, then left onto more dirt road, a right hand turn into the woods and finishing on grassy field. The course is marked with flagging and signs.


Proceeds will go to trail stewardship organizations in Connecticut, such as the Connecticut Forest and Park Association, Joshua’s Trust, and Northern Connecticut Land Trust.


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